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Servicing the Industrial, HVAC, Food, Pharmaceutical, Hospital & Manufacturing industries.

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Key Services Offered :

  • Service and support for all Boilers & Heat Generating equipment to AS2593.
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Type B Appliance installation, servicing, maintenance & upgrades.
  • Burner Management & Controls, design & build
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7 remote support


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Steam Boilers Hot Water Heaters Oil Heaters

Periodic servicing, breakdown service, installations and upgrades..

Protecting the Environment

Maintaining acceptable and safe levels inline with current state regulatory authorities and EPA.

O2 & CO Monitoring

Call to discuss your options.

Burners All major brands

Gas, Oil, Bio & Simultaneous Firing.

Machine Process Applications

PLC & SCADA systems and integration

Control Panel Design & Build

Custom design to your specification.

Our Core Services


Licensed Electrical Contractor


Industrial Electronics.


Type B Appliances.


Maintenance – Breakdowns.

Installations – Upgrades.

Question & Answer

Wet & Dry Oxygen Measurement?

The definition of oxygen measurement on a “wet”
basis is based on the assumption that the moisture content
in a flue stream is not removed and is an element included
when the oxygen content is measured.
i.e. Insitu flue gas analyser

The definition of oxygen measurement on a “dry” basis
is based on the assumption that the moisture content
in a flue stream is removed before the oxygen content is
i.e. Portable flue gas analysers.

How are the Combustion Gases Measured?

We have spared no expense, all out technicians use TESTO 340 Flue gas analysers.
Our TESTO analysers come equipped with O2, CO, NO & NO2 cells for accurate readings. NOx is a measured value – not calculated.

Separate NO & NO2 measurement:
The real NOx value is measured with the NO and NO2 sensor combination so the separate measurement of each of the gases is necessary for correct NOx values.

Using the correct equipment for flue gas measuring, ensures that we can accurately meet compliance regulations for your appliance.

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